Why is it hard to get Recliner Parts Of 2022?

Why is it hard to get Recliner Parts Of 2022?

Hello and welcome how to get replacement parts for your recliner is the topic today this is the first video in a short series that I hope to do on this subject you may be wondering why a series of videos on the subject as simple as getting recliner repair parts the short answer is it’s a huge problem and it deserves some explanation as well in this video I’ll give you an overview of the replacement parts problem and how it came about.

I’ll also talk a little bit about how it’s affecting my business and I’ll briefly outline the two main resources or options you have for getting parts in future videos in this series we’ll take a closer look at how to track down those parts and I’m going to walk you through that step by step using the method that I use to try to get parts for my customers so I know a lot of the problems you’re going to face along the way some of the roadblocks and we’ll look at some strategies to deal with those problems so in the end.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts for Recliners?

I imagine for some of you this series is going to prove helpful and it’s going to help you track down your parts for some others maybe not so much because in the end it ultimately depends on who manufactured your recliner and oftentimes who sold it to you before I get started need to cover this important disclaimer getting recliner repair parts has become a huge problem for a lot of people.

So I know this video series is needed but I also know it’s opening a can of worms for me because once people see this topic they’ll feel free to ask it help me get parts xyz for my chair well I can’t help everyone individually so I will not be answering specific questions like those at all and that’s the reason for this video series I’m trying to get information out there that’s going to help you to track down the parts that you need.

Recliner Mechanism Parts Suppliers

If they’re still out there for your chair but I will try to answer questions of course that pertain to general principles and topics that I bring up in this video series and the last disclaimer is the market I’m going to be talking about here the u.S. Furniture market I’m talking about the middle market or the mass market I’m not talking about high-end furniture very little of that is sold here in my area and I have no experience working on it whatsoever so I’m talking about middle-of-the-road brands which in this part of the country means brand names like burke line barcalounge.

R lane lazyboy and so on so that’s what we’re going to be discussing here I hear from people through my website on a regular basis that are having problems getting recliner repair parts and I pretty much have the same problem because the channels I need to go through to get those parts is essentially the same as the consumers so I understand perfectly the problems that are having and I’m striking out more than.

How Do I Order Ashley Furniture Parts

Ever when it comes to trying to locate parts for the customers that I have and the various brands of recliners out there it’s easily the biggest problem that I face and at the moment it’s showing no signs of getting any better in the short term so how did all this come about why is it so hard to get recliner repair parts well let’s put this into perspective and look at an example.

If I need a part for my car or my truck obviously there are auto parts stores everywhere so in all the common parts that I may need I’ll likely be able to find it but let’s say I need a specialty part something unusual well then I have the option I can maybe go to the dealer try to find that part or if I need something really obscure that goes back many many years or what have you there’s always a chance there might be an online seller that specializes in those types of parts that I can try to find online so now let’s compare that with recliner repair parts.

Power Recliner Parts

Well obviously there is no recliner parts or furniture parts store for that matter so right away we’re forced to look to the dealer and sometimes the manufacturer in order to get those parts so this is a traditional source it’s been around for decades of getting parts and it’s not working for a lot of people today quite frankly people are coming up empty-handed when they go to these traditional resources a couple of quick examples.

I hear a lot from people that say they have a name-brand recliner but when they contact a dealer they’re often told you know you didn’t buy your chair here so we can’t help you with parts I’ve seen other people that complain that they bought their furniture at a department store and let’s say it’s an electric reclining sectional a couple years down the road maybe the power supply goes out or they need a new activation button they go back to the department store and say can you help me with parks and the department says store.

Recliner Replacement Parts Near Me

It essentially says no we can’t help you so there are plenty more examples out there and this is the problem when this is the number one resource and people are striking out trying to get their parts that way it causes a lot of problems for everybody and was it always that way no not at all but we have to go back a number of decades to when the furniture market here in the us was healthy back at that time quality was good the competition was good and of course the profits were good but a key point here back then customer service was real important to companies and things like how to get you the parts.

You need so that’s something that was present then that no longer exists today today essentially so let’s move ahead to when the cheap imports flooded the furniture market here in the u.S. From asia primarily china obviously the furniture was made by cheap labor and oftentimes poor construction as well and I can say that because I’ve seen that firsthand since the 90s.

I’ve seen my fair share of frame failures on import import furniture so I’m not saying all of it was cheaply made or is cheaply made but certainly there it was or is a large percentage large enough to have an impact on the market here so how did they manage to sell this lower quality furniture in the u.S. How did it manage to compete with the makers at that time that we’re making a good quality product well you can look to resellers okay people that buy low and sell high resellers don’t need a manufacturing facility.

So there’s no payroll there’s no insurance that goes along with that none of those expenses exist and if they can get a good deal on the shipping really all they have to come up with is warehousing space and some stores to sell their merchandise and goods so it was a good deal for them so the resellers were happy but what about the consumers well when you look at an upholstered sofa you can’t see through it to see what type of frame construction it has but someone can make it look nice and you can sit on it and it’ll actually feel comfortable today but the question is will it last.

Because poorly constructed furniture like everything else it’s not well-made does not last so some of you have may seen your share of frame failures or another cheap component that’s used in furniture is low quality padding and if you have that present what happens is typically in the short term you have major padding replacement required whether it be during the warranty period or shortly thereafter so what happened to them the us market well it was like the imports were like dropping a bomb it blew it up.

Companies the us companies began to struggle many of them went out of business plants closed down and the few that are remaining today are really struggling just to survive and they’re doing whatever they can to stay afloat so they’ve also had to result to making a cheaper product and cutting corners wherever they can because the focus today in the furniture market doesn’t matter.

Recliner Spare Parts

If it’s a still american company or if it’s an import it’s primarily on sales and sales so things like customer service were providing you with the parts you may need always takes a backseat for some of the companies are many of the companies it’s not a big priority and for some it’s not even on the radar it’s not important to them at all and I would say those companies are primary primarily the resellers because when you think about it if you’re in the buy low sell high business and you’re not making the product yourself.

This is not actually your reputation it’s online oh what do you care what happens a few years down the road right someone has a mechanism problem or needs a new handle for their recliner if you’re a reseller that’s not really a big concern of yours.

So it’s something to think about we’re going to go into more detail in an upcoming video and walk you through the process of trying to track down to your parts using this option despite the problems and we’ll try to look at some workarounds and solutions for those problems as well but if this source doesn’t work for you really the only other thing you can try is to go online and see.

If your parts maybe they’re not everything you need for your chair is likely to be out there but there are more and more parts coming online all the time but it’s still kind of a sketchy process process getting the parts you need this way.

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