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VALENCIA Seating Review 2022

VALENCIA Seating Review 2022

Are you the king of your home theater well you need a throne that lives up to your name does the valencia verona home theater seat live up to your name and stand the test of time let’s talk about it I’ve had the valencia seating review home theater seat in my home theater for about a year now.

How’s it held up have I had any issues let’s find out I’m barrett and this is specia tech welcome to the channel one of the most important things in my opinion in a home theater often gets overlooked and that’s the seating what’s the point in having a massive home theater screen with big home theater sound.

Valencia Tuscany Review

If you’re not comfortable sitting and watching there are actually a lot of brands of home theater seating out there but one that I find stands out for its value and its variety is valencia so when I was shopping around valencia did stand out to me because of the overall positive reviews as well as its look and feel for the price I’m interested to hear what you guys have to say about valencia seating.

So make sure you drop your comments down below so for my home theater throne I settled on the valencia verona that is the chair that I typically sit in but I did also pick up two valencia pizza chairs which are the same top grain leather but they did save me a couple hundred dollars because of the slightly different design but they’re still overall great chairs as well.

So the reason I didn’t go with all three valencia verona chairs is because the verona was more money than the pisa and the other two chairs are going to get used so little I just didn’t see the value in spending more money on those two chairs that are going to get you so little I mean my sons do use them sometimes as well but it’s few and far between mostly when we’re playing games together.

Valencia Home Theater Seating

They’re upstairs in their rooms playing and I’m playing with them and we just chat on headsets okay so back to the valencia verona so in today’s review we’re going to discuss the price we’re going to discuss the features we’re going to discuss the build quality we’re going to discuss how it held up over the last year and then I’ll give you my final thoughts all right so let’s get straight into it.

Guys let’s start with the pricing so the valencia verona does come in a variety of configurations and the price does vary based on which configuration you pick the configuration and the color availability depends on which retailer you pick these chairs up from so in the interest of availability we’re just gonna stick with amazon for pricing so the two-row configuration starts off at 1349 us dollars.

Valencia Theater Seating Usa

This works out to about 1899 canadian that is for the exact features I have in my unit which is a 9 000 top grain leather and power reclining the price increases from there until you hit the row of five chairs which works out to about 3 374.99 u.S and 4 479.99 canadian what do you all get for that price well let’s talk about the features I feel like you do get a lot of features for the price.

When I bought my chair I did feel like I got a great value for what I paid for it so as stated earlier the recliner function is powered and it is a wall hugger design that means that you can place the backs of the chair quite close to the wall without the backrest scraping when you recline the power motor for reclining is actually very quiet it’s surprisingly quiet in my opinion but whenever you are reclining or raising the chair the leather is quite squeaky and it makes quite a bit of noise as you can hear in this.

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You may be able to quiet it down using some sort of leather treatment but for me personally it isn’t a big deal so I don’t mind this week each seat will get its own control panel which has two buttons for reclining and rising uh there’s a usb port for charging devices but keep in mind that the control panel placement doesn’t make it very user friendly to use that usb port especially.

If you’re a bigger guy like me there’s also a button to turn the blue leds on or off so speaking of leds when the leds are activated the control panel itself is lit the cup holders on either armrest are lit and below the leg rest is lit as well I like the led lighting here but at the same time I always turn it off for movies when you are reclined it can be quite bright and distracting one suggestion.

I would like to make here is for valencia to give you the option to change the colors of the leds I do like the blue but not everyone will plus it would be nice just to change up the color every once in a while just for a change so valencia if you’re listening that’s an inexpensive way to add some value so each arm rest has a metal insert with a spring-loaded metal circle at least that’s the best way I can describe it.

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating Australia

These are for mounting the attachments that you can purchase separately you can buy attachments like a wine glass holder a table tray and even a popcorn bowl holder I did get a table tray and a wine glass holder as you can see here each armrest also has a storage unit for those miscellaneous remotes and knickknacks there’s a little play in the hinges here but overall they seem very well built and rigid the verona version that I have is the 9000 top green leather something to note here is that to my understanding these chairs are leather on the armrests and seating area only.

The other surfaces are some sort of leather air or other leather feel type material it isn’t really possible to tell the difference by looking at it but there is a slight difference in the feel of the surfaces when you touch them the leather surfaces have a soft touch to them and look matte overall.

I’m very satisfied with the material used here it would have been nice to have all the surfaces be top grain leather but this would inevitably increase the price significantly as well there is a flap in the rear of the chair with a velcro strap this is for the optional neck pillow that you can purchase separately which I did purchase and as you can see here in this picture I actually don’t end up using it a whole lot.

Valencia Tuscany Console Edition

Because it’s kind of uncomfortable to just have a roll right behind your neck but some of you might prefer that so that pretty much does cover all of the features like I said before you do seem to get quite a bit for your money here so let’s move on to the build quality but before we do uh if you found my channel that means you’re probably into home theater and home audio which is what I’m all about like this crazy 24 inch subwoofer video that I recently posted.

I’ll link it up above in the top right hand corner so please consider subscribing to my channel and tick the bell icon so you’ll be notified about future awesome videos like this and I’d really appreciate if you hit that like button as well alright so let’s move on to the build quality of the valencia verona the internal chair construction is made of wood and metal as you can see in this picture here and it does seem to be very well built.

So I’m a pretty big and heavy guy as you can see and this chair is very comfortable for me even for longer sessions like a lord of the rings marathon sure if I shake myself side to side you get a few creaks and squeaks but overall it is very solid and has very little movement.

When you are adjusting yourself in the chair the recline mechanism and motor seem to be built very well the motor is strong and doesn’t seem to strain at all even for a big guy like me a nice added touch to the build quality here in my opinion is that they made the cup holders removable for easy cleaning it’s little touches like this that just help you feel good about your purchase it would appear that a lot of thought went into the design of these chairs.

There’s no part of it that felt cheap or poorly designed even the metal inserts for mounting the attachments feel like they could take a full swing from a sledgehammer and still operate properly afterwards they should definitely last for years to come so do I think that these will last for years to come well let’s talk about how these have held up for the past year and I’m sure you guys can tell what I’m going to say here based off my previous comments about this chair.

Valencia Theater Seating USA

The chair seems to be very well built and has held up very well over the last year the recline function is as strong as ever with no slow down or moans and groans the seating still feels very firm and sturdy the armrests are still stiff not showing any signs of loosening or wear even for a guy my size the seat cushioning is held up very well the leather shows no signs of wear or tear and is as supple as ever overall this chair is held up exceptionally.

Well and I can’t think of any negative thing to say about the quality with all things considered so that gets us to my final thoughts so is this verona chair fitting for a king’s throne of a home theater well I would say yes it has great quality regardless of the price and it has stood the test of time I’ve never once regretted my purchase for even a second so I have no problem recommending this chair for anybody that is looking for a great chair with great quality with a lot of features built in for the price.

So in the future if I ever did want to upgrade these chairs to something say maybe a little more classy looking or if I just wanted to add more chairs to add a second row of home theater seating I would definitely not hesitate for one second to go with valencia.

Again whether it be the same model or a different model I feel that their quality is there and you should have no problems with their home theater seating keep in mind that they do have a wide variety of seating so if you’re not interested in the way my chair looks they do have what I would consider nicer looking chairs as well something like the tuscany comes to mind.

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