The Recliner Tip Over Problem And How To Fix It

Hello and welcome today we’re going to look at a scary problem that some recliner owners have and that is when they sit in their chair and recline it all the way it tips over backwards yikes so we’re going to look at a couple of my customers that have had this issue look at the contributing factors that can cause it.

We’ll look at some remedies or solutions that you can try at the end we’ll look at what you can do if you have this issue with your chair or if you’re trying to get away from the issue and buy a new chair we’ll offer some tips there as well let’s get started I used to think that this tip over issue was something that was pretty unusual and kind of rare I’d only had one customer with the problem and that was many years ago.

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The last week I had a gentleman come into my shop who had the same problem we got to talking him about it quite a bit and I came to realize this might be a lot more common than I thought so let me start at the beginning the first time I encountered this issue was with a customer who had a lain recliner that he’d just purchased the store told me about the problem and asked me to go out and check it out so when I was at the customer’s home I asked him about the issue because I wanted to confirm the problem and he immediately got in his chair pulled the handle back and toppled over as.

One of his family members and I were picking him up off the floor I apologized to him and I said yeah I was just asking you about the problem to confirm the issue not to get you to demonstrate it that’s one service call that I’ll always remember so I inspected his chair to see if there were any mechanical issues and there were not and the chair was only a couple of weeks old he had just purchased it new so I had a hunch to what the problem was I decided to test my theory and I got in the chair to try it out and I reclined.

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It fully and had no problems the chair was stable and worked fine so then I got to break the news to the customer I told him that his body type did not suit the design of the chair and that was causing the problem now for those of you that may be shaking your head laughing or yelling at the screen let me explain this gentleman stood about six foot three two or inches tall and he had a long torso he wasn’t a large man but he was solidly built with a medium build however his legs were extremely thin now combine that with.

The fact that his chair opened up almost flat when it was fully reclined instead he had a little bit of pitch it would open up almost completely flat and what that means is his extra body weight that he carried in his upper body could easily push down on that back and cause it to tip over especially when you consider he didn’t have a lot of weight in his legs to counterbalance that so the good news was that he just purchased the chair and he had full warranty coverage so I told the customer that.

I would report back to the store and make them aware of this issue and that’s what full warranty coverage is for to protect you in situations like this when you have a problem that is not due to anything that you’ve done wrong here’s a side note when it comes to warranty issues be sure to report your problems promptly if this gentleman had waited say 10 or 11 months he would have still been within the warranty period of one year however it would have thrown a red flag with the dealer that sold him the chair they would have wondered if this chair tipped over the very first time he used it on day one why did he wait 10 or 11 months to make us aware of this problem.

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So if you report these issues right away you increase the odds that you’ll get a prompt resolution to your problem all right now let’s fast-forward till about a week ago when a gentleman brought a lazy boy rocker recliner into my shop for repair as I was finishing up his repair quote he casually mentioned you know when I first got this chair and I sat in it and I reclined the chair tipped over backwards now that got my attention.

So I looked at him and he was the rather large man but he didn’t have skinny legs he was carrying a lot of weight in his upper body but I wouldn’t call his body type unusual I’d seen many look just like him so he had my curiosity and I asked him how did they correct this problem for you he said they sent a repair tech out and the gentleman found out that the rocker springs rowing backward.

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So he repositioned the springs and he was able to use the chair again and by the time it came to my shop I think the chair was about eight or nine years old okay so now let’s take a look at these springs here at one end we have a pin and when I first saw these I asked what’s the purpose of that and I was told it’s to prevent people from over rocking the chair it restricts how far the seat spring can open up now when installed properly this pin will face the front of the chair and when it’s on backwards it’ll face the rear of the chair and won’t be able to do its job and that’s why my customer fell over so I pointed out to him that I said.

You know the only thing that’s preventing you from toppling over today is this tiny little metal pane and another one on the other side on the other spring I said in my opinion that’s not a good thing so next let’s talk about some solutions to this tip-over problem let’s start with a scenario that you have a recliner and you currently have this problem what can you do well the first thing you should do is check out all the mechanicals.

Recliner Won’t Stay Reclined

You know you could even get a repair tech to do this for you if you have a lazy boy you want to check out those rocker springs see if they’re loose see if those restrictors are in the right position if they’re broken or if you have a loose or a broken rocker block or a base or anything else that has to do with the structure and support of the chair in the mechanism also you want to check out.

Where the back attaches to the rear of the seat make sure nothing’s loose there or broken okay okay so if you’ve ruled out mechanical problems and you still have the issue there’s not a lot you can do you can position your chair close to a wall so that when you open it up the back touches the wall to prevent it from toppling over but you know over time the scuffing of the back of the chair in the wall you’re going to have scuff marks and maybe some dents where a hole in the fabric and so on another option is stop using the chair.

Recliner Won’t Lock in Place

As a recliner and just use it as a stationary chair so the options aren’t that great if you don’t have a mechanical because basically the design of the chair is not working for you you can try to rig it up as some people have done but there’s a better solution and that is to start with a new chair and get one that works for you okay my first recommendation when buying a new chair and try to get away from this issue is not to buy a rocker recliner as you saw earlier in the video it may just be those little restrictor pins two of them may be the only thing that prevents you from toppling over so steer clear the rocker recliners go with a stationary unit instead the next thing you want to check is how far the back reclines on this chair.

You want to you want something that’s a slight recline or moderate you don’t want anything that’s real deep that goes almost flat because the deeper you go you increase the chances that you could have a top topple over issue if you’re a heavier person a larger person look for a big bands chair but be careful here because some companies will just take their regular recliner and make a larger version of it that’s not what you want a real big men’s chair will be heavier duty or frame as well and the way.

Recliner Back Tension Adjustment

You can tell is you roll the chairs over in the store and look at the frame underneath if the big man’s chair frame is the same thickness as the regular recliner you don’t want it you want the thickness of the big man’s chair to be more robust and heavier and finally when you go shopping take a friend or family member with you so they can act as a spotter because you do want to try a lot of different chairs out different makes different styles.

So with a spotter behind you they can actually catch you to prevent you from toppling over in the store now if you don’t have someone to go along with you you can always ask the salesperson to help you on also see my how to buy the right recliner to make sure you get one that fits you properly as well if you’ve had this tip-over problem and managed to resolve it let us know in the comments below how you did that or if you solved it by buying a new chair that didn’t have the issue let us know what brand make and style worked for you.

Updated: February 7, 2021 — 11:42 am