Simple DIY Recliner Plans That You Can DIY For Maximum Comfort

So in the house, you’ve got the DIY recliner you’ve got your man chair all right out in the yard you got your lawn chairs. You got your hammocks. What do you get in the garage?

I’ll tell you the opportunity I’m sure we’ll talk about this right here is the garage recliner right here may not look like much play is super simple to build as a delta by the way to hide off.

This is a garage recliner you’re super simple to make all right let me show you what I’m talking about first off.
Let me show you my schematics okay now full disclosure I didn’t design this okay years ago when I was a kid I was out camping with some buddies one of the dads brought this thing along. I like that.

Diy Recliner Mechanism

It’s pretty cool. I remember this plan for years and years and years. All right so this is the plan right here. Okay, POSIX on things down just a second okay love it not cool.

So this is what it is all right I mean the whole thing at a 2 by 10 all right but you make it out of whatever you got lying around the shop.

All right you can do 2 by 6 might be a little bit narrow tube it would be good to buy 10 purpose why you use to buy 12 whatever you get hands-on okay now for the backrest piece what you need is about 40 inches.

Simple Recliner Mechanism

Okay, that’s how long I made mine because basically, that’s what I had laying around the shop.

Okay, about 15 inches up right there you’re going to cut out called a mortise all right I’m we’re just basically a fancy word for hole all right you’re going to cut that out and you’re going to make eight about one and three-quarter inches wide.

Now crude is a true buy material is one in the half we only need to make one in half no this doesn’t dovetail. You don’t want to sing to fit super tight you know this thing is sliding and you know right in there right out without a whole lot of struggle you want to feed on this thing.

How to Make Wooden Reclining Chair

Because you want this thing to break down when you’re not using it so safe space say thinking now on the sides where you want to leave about an inch and a half on each side that’s going to provide enough strength to hold everything together.

So this thing does snap okay now over here I leave updates to make noise on this thing all right on this side this is the actual seat part all right here’s where your butt goes running this part and then this part.

Actually, act like a big tenon all right at any instant you work for the thing that fits you in the hole all right male-female stop here okay on this one from the side you’re going to be cutting out an inch and a half here 1 inch and adhere.

Build Your Own Recliner Chair

That’s it’s in the mortise all right over the length on this you’re looking at 26 inches and the top part where the seat is right here I cut that 16 and a half inches away from the top.

Now edges up here alright Aaron there and there and there all I did is just put them at a 45 and then I hit them with the router.

Okay so rounded over the entire thing so super comfortable to sit on all right now let me show you how easy this thing fits together.

All right I hope I’m not going to drop my camera here me bouncing it okay stop you guys right here all right your blackboard here’s the port and literally just like that bam and you got a recliner floor of the garage.

All right now I’ve had this thing and a little after I got on the record and it has been with me ever since all right it is super comfortable great shot on the backside right there.

Sofa Recliner Mechanism

This thing is a lot of fun to build and literally to make this thing in probably 15 20 minutes another skill set on the tools you’ve got but as I said now to make a dozen of these things.

You can go out and actually buy like a 12-footer cut the thing in half and you can make two of these things okay make them with your kid’s nick with your family is super easy to make you can have them painted do all kind of color and flowers.

Whatever they’re into and make this thing really cool-looking alright also what you can do is that piece of leather across the backslide.

It can make it like a carrying handle and somewhere to slide the seat part of it. So when you’re going out camping or watching the game outside or whatever you just pick something up moving around and it’s going to last for a long time.

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