Hey what’s up guys welcome to another episode of pam the organizer so on today’s show I’m going to be reviewing what I believe to be the rolls-royce of home theater seating now this is a chair called tuscany and it’s made by a company called valencia theater seating it’s very luxurious super comfortable very well made and I’ll be going through all of the features with you.

Because it’s jam-packed with features so without further adieu let’s go ahead and start the show so hey guys I’m pan welcome to the show I hope you’re having a great day so in today’s video we’re reviewing an amazing home theater chair by valencia theater seating now this chair is called the tuscany and it comes loaded with features I have to say it is the best chair on the market right now for your home theater needs I’m personally using it in a special hi-fi set up so to listen to music in stereo and I’ll show you my custom setup later but.

Best Home Theater Seating

So first let’s start by going ahead and talking about the features that make this chair so amazing by the way guys this video is sponsored by a valencia theater seating so a big shout out dawn for making this video possible and for sending this chair out to me for a review all right so let’s kick things off with a grand tour of the tuscany home theater chair I’ll be going through 9 of the best features of this chair so number one it’s made out of 11,000 full-grain napa leather.

So this leather is absolutely gorgeous it is diamond stitched so it’s quilted leather for extra comfort and a plush feel when you’re touching it and believe me this is some of the highest quality leather that money can buy so the craftsmanship is absolutely sublime it looks gorgeous it basically makes you feel as if you’re sitting in a high-end luxurious vehicle like a rolls royce so feature number two is the adjustable power headrest now.

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If I’m not mistaking this is one of the only home theater chairs that does this so you can have the ultimate and perfect head position while you’re listening to music or while you’re watching your favorite movie feature number three it has a pneumatic lumbar support so it’s gonna support the curve of your spine making your seating position ideal and very comfortable feature number five it comes with led ambient lighting.

Which you can see here in the bottom so you can find your seat easily in your home theater room also the cupholders are illuminated with rings of led lighting so a very nice added touch so feature number five it has two usb charging ports right next to each cup holder so it’s very practical and convenient if you guys are with your portable devices such as your mobile phones or your tablets and you need to charge them feature number six it has very quiet motors for a very smooth motorized recline let me sit in it and I’ll activate the motor.

Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seating

So you can see just how quiet they are so as you can tell it’s very very quiet and silent and it gets you into the perfect seating position without bothering your neighbors so feature number seven is a feature that is very important to me and it’s the wall hugging design so it ensures that you can place your chair very close to your wall as is the case with me in my listening room so as you can see in the back the wall is pretty close.

So it still allows you to fully recline the chair without hitting the wall so you can put this chair in a tight space and it will fit perfectly feature number eight is the hideaway storage underneath each armrest so you can store your remotes your snacks or any other devices that you guys might have so that’s a neat feature so there’s one on each side feature number nine is that their chairs are available in many different configurations and also in many different colors so feel free to click the link in the description.

Best Home Theater Seating 2021

Down below for you guys to check them out but the cool feature about valencia theater seating is that they’re also open to custom options so they can do whatever color you guys want just send them an inquiry and they’ll reach out to you and make things happen now valencia theater seating is a canadian company but they ship their products to canada united states and also in europe another neat feature that I loved with them is that optionally you can get their white glove service.

So there’s a moving company that will deliver the chair to your home they’ll put it in the room of your choice and they’ll install it for you so all you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy the show so their design and engineering is some of the best I’ve seen in the business they use top quality leathers and reclining mechanisms the comfort and feel and quality that you’re getting is top grade so when the room behind me I have a full home theater setup complete with a projector and a hundred inch screen and a 7 point one speaker setup.

Best Home Theater Seating 2021

So if you want to watch my home theater tour video you can click the link up here and also I’ll leave the link in the description down below if you guys want to check it out at a later time but essentially my new project and my new baby was this music listening room that I’m in right now and all I was missing was a super comfortable chair so I can sit back relax recline and listen to my music so this is the best chair for that I’m very grateful that valencia theater seating reached out to me because this is by far the best chair that I’ve ever sat in now the motors are not only super quiet but its power everything.

So power headrest power lumbar support just like in a luxury car you also get a reclining feature so you put it in the position that you want you sit back and you enjoy your music so this is pretty cool and you set it to your exact liking meaning that you customize it to fit your own body and taste so that way you are mint your experience when you’re watching a movie or like me if you’re listening to music so again I want to thank valencia theater seating for sponsoring this video and making this possible so also hi to dawn over at valencia theater seating.

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