Italian Nappa Leather Home Theater Seating Review 2022

Italian Nappa Leather Home Theater Seating Review 2022

We know it gets delivered on the pallet it’s a big box but it does fit through the doorway and it comes as two separate parts now you guys may know they like to showcase more than you really need to see just cuz you’re gonna experience it yourself but unfortunately I did not press record on my camera to get me sliding in the backrest but seriously.

It’s really that simple just slide it into the bracket and you have two cables that you plug in to the backrest now I do have a 12 by 16 feet studio office here that I built but this also indicates.

If you have a bigger room or even a smaller one how would look inside the control for the right side is on the right with the usb plug in and a little center section for the light and the lights that turn on is around the cup holder and on the bottom that’s where the other led is just one color blue that’s all you get now I’m dimming the lights down so you can see what it looks like in a darker setting each arm race has its own lift support and you can see it.

Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating Reviews

You know presses back down closes up and this is one of my favorite lighting situation it’s still not the darkest environment but it is a very low light setting now coming back to my current setup before I put the valencia oslo chairs this is what it looks like and then we go over to the oslo chairs and those are theater and it’s actually taking less space than my last set up going back to a darker environment.

The setting looks really cool as you can see the lights of my rgb computer all around the room with that said it still looks very nice in bright light now right next to the cupholders there’s this little ring here with a little slot in the middle and what that allows you to do is by tray table a wineglass caddy tablet holder or a simple popcorn bowl underneath the armrest there’s a lot of space in there for storing papers maybe a small blanket remote controllers.

Valencia Tuscany Xl

Whatever you want to store safely and out of sight as you can see it’s a deep pocket I sped up the video but it is a smooth quiet motor even the headrest has its own motor and it elevates your head big-time if you’re laying down so you’re gonna be able to fine-tune it to a comfort zone that you like okay.

So I’m 5 foot 9 I weigh 170 pounds and this is what I look like on this chair and when you sit down in luxury you’re gonna notice hi quality leather and how soft and cushiony it is and you also have lumbar support as you can see it looking like it’s breathing back to that headrest this is not sped up this is true to life movement and you can see how far down it really goes and to recline.

It this is again real-time you can see how smooth and fluid the oslo really is taking a closer look at the diamond stitching the padding is very soft as you can see how far it can really go I’m gonna press down and there’s a lot of cushion it’s a little bit firmer on the bus side but still very comfortable and very soft as here.

Valencia Tuscany Vs Seatcraft

I’m just going to flop right down onto it and of course you’re gonna have your drink so you can set it in the cup holder and you will not be able to tip it reclining it in this camera angle you can see how the bottom comes out my back is starting to recline and I’m still pretty close to the wall if I have to point out a negative I have to say that I sit pretty high up so it’s not that deep as I feel and notice that my legs match the armrests but I’m hoping with time the cushion will get a little bit looser that’s a good thing but that might be because I’m too light for the seat.

So if you’re a little bit heavier I have no doubt that it will actually seat you better and pretty much the obvious last thing is to use b plug in to charge your devices tablets whatever it is here in my case is my phone just to demonstrate that you just plug it in and charge so of course that’s gonna be nice to have and moving on to the website.

Valencia Oxford Home Theater Seating

You see three oslo set up but as we scroll down but there may be other colors that you can choose from as always check out the website for more details and specs as I can’t always remember and cover them all while recording but you do have the option to buy just a single one row of two three four or five but the price tag obviously hints if you’re really serious about bumping up the quality.

I normally don’t check on youtube to see who else review this but there’s only one person named marks pearl and his video is awesome he will give you more eye candy shots with his experience and opinions so again this is my last setup before the oslo chairs but it is a nicer looking setup to set you up right reclined and a place to hold your drinks again.

I think if you’re serious about your home theater setup and you don’t want anything cheap this is the way to go expensive taste and but the quality is there to back it up so if you want one for yourself you already know what to do find in the description down below and as always thank you for watching and I will see you guys next time later.

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