How To Use Your Outdoor Furniture For Indoor Living 2022

How To Use Your Outdoor Furniture For Indoor Living 2022

We’re getting me to take a seat so if you want to get some of that very cool outdoor furniture and you’re thinking to yourself why am I gonna get outdoor furniture it’s about to be winter there’s a reason actually to spend the money because you can bring it inside bring it inside and get the deals yes everyone’s getting rid of it right now ya know at the end of the season but the outdoor furniture right now.

I think is so sexy look at this stuff it’s beautiful what I really love about this set is actually the floor so you look at it and it looks like one carpet and really it’s not it’s a bunch of course–it tiles right and you just pop them all together right he’s on that space you take it so this is my favorite modular flooring in its floor f lor yeah the floor is the best so many options so this is a really great way to hey you bring the outdoor furniture indoors.

Using Indoor Furniture Outdoors

Now you need a bigger carpet go with the modular carpeting and make it work right love that and you would never know when you look at these pieces that this was an outdoor piece really if you super style it with some upholstered stuff get some great textiles throw it in the mix so these are tonic living I’m a bit of a tonic living devote a well you love it because also you’ve designed you’ve designed questions for them you have the good like hand-painted I did well.

How To Use Your Outdoor Furniture For Indoor Living

I thought you know textiles are so huge for me and I really love the idea that textiles can be one-of-a-kind because we can really all get things that we know are available anytime but to know this pillow is the only pillow that’s in existence you know I love that so they’re doing a one-of-a-kind line with me but just look little super style it could be amazing little floor lamp business so question for you those cushions on these white chairs that they came with the questions.

If you did that like not the tonic living questions this big hey those are outdoor oh great those are you bring it in just add those beautiful textiles and you’ve got a gorgeous indoor chair you could do both believe the outdoor cushion you could reupholster it making it feel a little bit more indoor yeah ladies choice yeah but I think that this texture is amazed like don’t you just want to get up on that.

Outdoor Furniture Nice Enough for Inside

It’s beautiful the low-profile it’s really put modern use it’s going to it’s going to be very chic inside or outside thanks five right speaking of the palm springs vibe this is pretty cool right imagine having this indoors well two men can sit in this super sturdy you wipe it down you have a party people spill in it doesn’t matter yeah and then again these are flocked sexy little pillows tonic living vibes you just shove yeah they they feel good and then you pop those in and it’s this statement piece in your living room that no one will have and then summertime get it outside yes absolutely.

So you might have to switch around some of your furniture in your space obviously to make this work that’s what your garage is for put some of the pieces in there and put this stuff inside and it just hangs off of its own thing hanging it on to your ceiling right load-bearing and it keeps it transitional right side you don’t want to keep it in your living room then you move it.

So it can be very you can be very heavy and be on this all day get in there okay so fusion people home fusion knows what’s up all right as well your crombie’s and I wanted the day that’s all I care about you know just the amazing vidi vici who cares that oka poco chair this class oh this is so huge I’m seeing it everywhere now so everyone’s doing their own version yeah beautiful endorsed huge huge huge style statement indoors and outdoors yeah because it is a big thing right now.

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I love the idea that the elca poco chair is also an occasional chair in your living room in your bedroom in your dressing room even a little look in your kitchen I don’t care it’s an amazing piece to me it looks like art it does I almost don’t want to leave this outside with the raccoons because you know they’re they’re gonna abuse it get off my chair leftovers on my ol capaco chair you know to clean is this stuff easy cold day all day this has plastic so you just hose that business up throw it in your shower.

It does not matter and then look at this little tot a little side table humaneness can go over here you mix that business up yeah it feel like it’s like one whole scene pull the whole room together it feels like a thing so this is not the way people usually think but this is what I do I know I have to stir the pot you guys throw the pot I got it and that’s why we always rely on our experts.

It’s good that you can sort of make us see things a little bit differently we get a bit stuck well I think it’s important to look at your stuff as your stuff not indoor/outdoor not seasonal it’s your stuff it’s the things you love so make it work pull it in try something new if you don’t like it move it out right who cares right care it’s all about having fun so far guys don’t take ourselves too seriously.


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