How To Get parts from Dealers & Manufacturers For Recliners

How To Get parts from Dealers & Manufacturers For Recliners

Hello and welcome to part two in the recliner parts video series today’s topic is how to get parts from furniture dealers and manufacturers this is the traditional source and we’re going to go step by step on how to do this in this video today a quick disclaimer before we get underway here this article series is designed to answer a lot of questions about people who are trying to track down parts for their recliners.

So that’s why I won’t be answering any questions that are specifically hey can you help me get parts x y or z from my chair that’s the whole point of this video series is to get that information out there to help as many people as possible however I will try to answer questions that address the points and the issues I bring up in these videos ok the id tag this is the foundation for using this method of contacting manufacturers and dealers and this is an example of one right here it’s a 2002 lazyboy tag and as you can see it has a number of different numbers on it.

How do you fix a broken recliner footrest?

Some manufacturers use serial numbers some use model or style some have their own like lazy boy has may seek a number here on the back of the tag it’s a manufacturer name and information some addresses there so if you have a valid parts warranty or product warranty with the manufacturer you will have identification tags like this on your furniture and this is the device that they’ve put in place.

So that you can get parts so how does it work all these id numbers on this tag tell the manufacturer everything they need to know about your recliner when it was made the model the style and so on so when you request a part they know exactly which part your chair needs and they can the right part to you these tags come in different shapes and sizes and they’re located in a few different places some of the most common spots on a recliner underneath.

Can you manually recline a power recliner?

The footrest attached underneath there’s also a thing called a hang tag when the footrest is in the open position there’s a little ribbon tag that hangs down behind it that’s referred to as a hang tag hang tag and with the footrest that’s closed you can roll over your chair look underneath the sidearm frames and the front and back seat frames they often attach them there as well now.

I’m going to provide a link if you’d like to see a video of where lazyboy attaches these id tags to their furniture so you can check it out they put more than one of these tags on your furniture and the reason for that is in case one should fall off obviously there’s another copy or two or three that you can use to still get this information to the manufacturer to get the parts you need okay.

Does lazyboy have a lifetime warranty?

So what do you do when you need parts for your chair okay if it’s in the within the first year I suggest going to the retailer that sold you your furniture because if they provide a full coverage one-year warranty with your purchase which many do they’ll be able to take care of it for you basically the way that works is if during the first year of purchase after purchase if you have any problem with your chair that’s not a result of abuse or misuse don’t take care of that problem so take advantage of that warranty.

If you have it right even if you go beyond your first year and your retailer no longer has that warranty or you haven’t no longer through that you still want to check with them first because they can actually still order parts for you but if for some reason they don’t that’s fine there’s another channel you can go through and that’s the manufacturer we’ll talk about that in a minute but first I want to address what if you don’t have an id tag on your recliner what if there’s nothing there well there are two common scenarios.

Why is my electric recliner not working?

One is if you purchased your recliner as is generally as is means with no manufacturer’s warranty and oftentimes what sellers do when you just your chair like that is they’ll remove these tags and that’s the reason you won’t find any because you purchased it without warranty essentially now does this mean you cannot get parts no not at all it simply means you don’t get the advantage of getting those parts most likely at a discount with a warranty but you can still contact the dealer and see.

If they can help you with parts unfortunately if you buy it somewhere and they didn’t give you the warranty and make a lot of business now you don’t have this these identification numbers you need you could still try going through the manufacturer if you know the name of the company and perhaps email them some photos and see if they can help you identify the chair you have so that’s why these are pretty important because they’re a direct link to the product manufacturer and they give them all the information they need.

How do you fix a recliner footrest that won’t close?

So that you’ll get the correct part okay let’s look at placing your order here’s everything you’re gonna need when you place your part order okay so you need to have all your ducks in a row you want the id tag you’ll want a copy of your receipt your purchase receipt if you have it some manufacturers will require this it’s part of their warranty condition to make sure that you’re the original owner others they don’t bother with it.

If you had to receive but you lost it don’t worry about it even if you can’t prove you’re the original owner you’ll still be able to purchase those parts if you want to fix your chair now next be able to describe to a service rep like over the phone or through an email exactly which part you need this is important and that’s why I have photos here you want to be able to take some clear photos.

If you have to that you can email to someone so that they can help identify what parts you need and lastly here with my chicken scratch handwriting I added added credit card you want to have your credit card number handy or your your method of purchase you want to have it with you too so that you have everything you need if you’re buying from a manufacturer that’s in the us they usually accept checks.

Can a broken recliner be fixed?

So make an allowance for that if you choose to pay that way and keep in mind you’ll be required to pay in advance for your parts whether you’re doing that through a dealer through the manufacturer all right now the one thing that’s not on this list that you really need you’ll also need to come with a great attitude you want to be patient and positive okay because if you’re dealing with a customer service rep chances are you may get someone that doesn’t know their job well or they’re under a lot of workload or what-have-you.

So you want to be as pleasant as cooperative as positive as possible and be brief and be as clear as possible as well if you start by complaining or giving the rep a hard time it’s not going to make that person want to cooperate with you and they hold the keys to the castle and what I mean by that is without their cooperation you probably won’t get your parts so treat them well and they’ll want to help you go through the retailer where you purchased your furniture first and see if they’ll help you order parts you may want to ask for the service manager.

Can a broken recliner be fixed?

That’s someone who will be very familiar with ordering parts if that store doesn’t have a service manager if they just have a few people that wear different hats you’ll want to get somebody in management but if you strike out and you don’t get anybody at the retailer to help you you can always try another dealer of the same manufacturer brand that you purchased or you’d go directly to that manufacturer.

You’ll go to the manufacturers website obviously you would have to know the name of the product manufacturer if you don’t check out your id tag information front and back of all your tags should be on there somewhere so go online find their website go to the customer service area and see.

If you can find anything in that area about repair parts if not that’s fine go through customer service and call their 1-800 number or use their contact email form but let’s say there’s a number right so you get them on the phone the first thing you want to do is you want to be brief and to the point you want to say something like let’s say it’s to me furniture company that made your recliner you simply want to say hi.

Do power recliners use a lot of electricity?

I have an acme recliner and I’m in need of some replacement parts can you help me so if there’s a parts department they may refer you on to someone else so once you get someone who’s going to help you with your part order and you explain to them what parts you need before you place your order you want to be sure and ask about the total charges on your part order because even if you have a warranty and the part is covered it’s commonplace now for manufacturers to charge you a part order processing fee and/or shipping.

So there’s likely to be a charge associated with your part even if you have warranty coverage so find out what all those charges total before you place your order if you’re ordering something simple like a pull handle and cable assembly like this you want to consider maybe pricing two or three of these because if you have a reclining sofa or loveseat you’re going to have two of these guys at each end they’re likely to be the same.

If you’ve got a matching recliner chair it might match as well so you want to think ahead a little bit because if your furniture sticks around long enough these are the types of parts that you’ll need on down the road so while you’re at it see about ordering two or more because you’ll probably save on shipping and next time you need one you won’t have to do the part of a process all over again.

How long do power recliner Motors last?

So let’s say you have a representative that’s helping you and it’s not going to well they can’t really figure out exactly what parts you’re referring to and and you offered to send some email some photos but they didn’t seem to be too keen on that suggestion you can always request a parts sketch okay a sketch that shows the breakdown of the parts and the park names and numbers that the manufacturers use.

You can ask them to email that to you just be aware that there are sketches for every part that’s on the recliner so you’d have to specify that area that part of the chair where your part is located so for example if you need a reclining mechanism part say ask them if they could send you the part sketch for the reclining mechanism now back in the day I could call up a manufacturer and talk to a representative about the parts I need we could discuss you know what parts were needed how much the cost was and I could get a quote over the phone on shipping.

How do I fix my electric recliner?

As well by just giving them a city I live in and the state they could calculate the shipping and give me the total charges and then typically I’d say this is great thank you very much for your time I’m going to take this quote go back to my customer to have them approve it and then can we get back with you to place this order and they would simply place the information that we discussed into their notes on their screen in their computer and they would say sure just ask for kelly or whatever the reps name was and I have all the information right here.

We can just place your order well that doesn’t always work today and there’s a reason why some manufacturers have what’s fondly refer to as the customer service carousel which means when you cut contact them like call in you’ll get the next person that’s available on the carousel and places that use this particular system they stick to it very strictly so I would never be able to call up get a quote and say can you keep this information.

Is Lazy Boy furniture worth the price?

I’ll be back I’m just going to check with the customer they would say and I’ve asked someone to do this they said no I’m sorry but you’ll get the next available representative representative and you don’t have to start from scratch keep that in mind because if you get a rapids having a really bad day despite how pleasant and positive.

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