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The ULTIMATE Home Theater Chair Review 2022

The ULTIMATE Home Theater Chair Review 2022

We are known for our expertise in designing and installing custom home theater Seating best-in-class theater equipment to do-it-yourselfers all over the country well most of our reviews are about the gear we think that having a comfortable place to sit is one of the most important aspects to a home theater or media room it simply doesn’t matter how good the picture looks or how great the dolby atmos effects are if you can’t comfortably watch a movie or sporting event from start to finish.

What is the best home theater seating?

We’ve designed and installed custom theaters in media rooms all over the country and we carry theater seating in our showrooms that can cost upwards of five thousand dollars for a single chair for many years we were on the hunt for a killer affordable home theater chair both for our store customers and the many diy customers who buy from us at audio advice calm we eventually launched the evolution home theater chair which quickly became our number one selling chair and sold for just under $1,200 a seat after personally installing them in my own home.

I worked with a manufacturer to improve the chair which resulted in the audio advice exclusive revolution chair which we believe is flat-out the best home theater seat available anywhere below $2,000 per seat before we get started I want to invite you to check out our other videos and subscribe to our channel so you never miss the latest content on our channel.

How much room do you need for home theater seating?

We showcase the very best when it comes to home audio and home theater equipment by doing high-end reviews comparisons and behind the scenes looks at some amazing home theaters you won’t see anywhere else now let’s get started [music] first let’s talk about comfort whether you’re watching a blockbuster film cheering for your favorite sports team or binging netflix.

You’re probably going to spend hours at a time in your theater chair when you look at less expensive seating options usually the level of support is the first thing to go the revolution chair however finds the perfect balance it allows you to sink in but also provides good support so that you can enjoy the space for hours without any fidgeting or back pain to make the chair even more comfortable the revolution uses a material called leather air it looks and feels like leather but it’s more durable and completely breathable.

Where is Seatcraft manufactured?

So you don’t have to worry about getting hot or sweaty the way you sometimes can from leather the revolution allows you to recline using up/down buttons on the cup holder the chair is completely motorized and it’s smooth and quietly so you won’t disturb your friends and family if you have to make adjustments during a movie while some foot rests leave a gap between the edge of the seat in the footrest.

The revolution extends edge to edge which is aesthetically better but most importantly more comfortable because it supports your entire leg when you evaluate home theater seats most good seats have at least one good motor for reclining and better seats have a second motor for the head or back the revolution not only has two motors but the magic is in the design of the ergonomics and how the motorized headrest works in conjunction with the rest of the chair for the revolution.

What is an aisle seat in Theatre?

You first set your recline position which extends the footrest and reclines the back then the trick is to be able to get your head support in exactly the right position to provide effortless support at any position this is where the revolution really shines the headrest extends not agonal up and down at approximately a 45 degree angle from the chair this means that you can position your head to view the screen effortlessly at any recline level I’ve personally tested countless theater chairs at all price points and have not found a better motorized economic design at anything close to this price point it just nails.

It I personally find that I have one position I like for watching movies and another one I’m enjoying music in my theater the original evolution chair had four motion buttons two for reclining and two for controlling the headrest however once my family live with the chair we wanted several improvements that we put into the revolution the first was to remove the bright led lights on the control buttons which distracted from viewing and darker rooms.

We replaced them with dimmable led lights in the cup holder and on the floor you can toggle through the different dim levels to set the leds at the perfect level or even off depending on the light in the room this is a huge improvement over most led lighted chairs that are way too bright for those of you who have watched our videos on how to design and set up theaters at audio vice.Com.

Home Theater Seating With Led Lights

You know we really focus on immersing and the experience this little adjustment and the leds makes a big difference the third improvement we made was to add to memory settings to the chair this allows you to find your perfect viewing position and save it for one touch motion to that position I have three teenagers who constantly bring friends over for movie nights and watching sports together so including a usb charger became a must-have the charger is on the cup holder of every chair and has a retracting cover to keep food or other particles out while not in use in the ideal chair design.

You want to efficiently make use of every space you can so the revolution armrest flip up to provide storage space in the arms one of the things we found with the original evolution chair is that customers often wanted to order the optional tray tables for having meals while enjoying their theater so we simply decided to include the top-of-the-line tray with every single chair sold.

We also designed the trays to fit in the armrest for when you don’t need them then when you want to use them they drop right into the spring-loaded adapter in the chairs we even improve the texture of the table itself so that items on it naturally hold to the table versus sliding and you’ll even see an indention for holding a drink if you have ever owned home theater seats you know.

Used Theater Seats for Sale Craigslist

That popcorn and crumbs inevitably fall through the cracks and can create a mess under chairs so the revolution has a simple but extremely effective catcher between the bottom and the back of the chair where most things will fall you won’t miss searching under the chair for keys and remotes nor vacuuming constantly under the chair a quick open of the seat vacuum the catcher and you’re done.

If you’re considering revolution chairs for your room there are a few different configuration options that you can choose from since we produce the seats in two arms left and right arm versions of course you can get individual seats but you can also build a row of them with just single arm rest between each see you can even do a loveseat version although we find most customers want standard rows.

It’s worth mentioning one additional detail that we added to the revolution that was not on the evolution the revolution chairs have small clips that easily clip the chairs to each other so they don’t move where all they are in a row honestly we never saw an issue with this on carpet but it added almost no cost to do it right so we did it as I mentioned earlier.

Home Theater Seating Near Me

We have decades of experience building high-end custom theaters and luxury homes we carry chairs that cost four to five times as much per seat as the revolution by standardizing the ideal setup and building the chairs in a large batch quantity we’re able to dramatically improve upon the original evolution chair and simultaneously blow away the $1,700 original retail price of the evolution chair.

If you’re in the market for home theater or media room seating you have to check these out if you’re in the early stages of designing your theater jump over to audio vice comm to see our extensive how-to videos on home theater design and our massive library of product reviews you can also chat with our team online or call our experts at audio vice.Com for any questions about chairs.

How did is on your theater or any of the equipment you might need we have a price guarantee on all of our products along with expertise in theaters and audio products that is world class if you are near either of our showrooms in raleigh or charlotte north carolina please come by and see two of the most amazing audio and home theater stores in the country.

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