Where to Find Big and Tall Recliner 2021?

Where to Find Big and Tall Recliner 2021?

Hi, everyone let me introduce to you our new Big and Tall recliner that are made for the big and tall this is one of them.

If you are a person who is 6 feet and up this recliner is perfect for you this chair has 166 pounds of solid comfort it’s made for every body type and size and is rated up to 500 pounds weight capacity.

This comes in power which means you can recline it without using full force you can also plug your phones or any gadgets using a USB power cord to recline just push this button here and you can stop it whenever you want here to see just keep pushing it.

Best Big and Tall Recliners 2021

There you go and that’s all the web app for the footrest you can leave it like that and remain the back stationary like this or you can also recline it just keep pushing this button here.

There are only two buttons here which means it’s not complicated nor confusing and that’s all the way down it is a full 44 inches wide from your lower back to the end of your footrest and that’s to provide total comfort full-body recline like a king-size mattress there’s a locking footrest and superior leg support.

This is no ordinary recliner let’s take a look at the bottom of this chair as you can see it has trapping coil sitting for longer-lasting consistent comfort and 7 gauge steel for durability and strength look at the enhanced wood frame.

The enhanced wood frame is for strength and stability see how thick the wood is here let me show it to you the wood frame is very thick see there and it has more support here and more support.

Big and Tall Recliner With Cup Holder

On the other side this is the motor here for the power reclining you connect a wire here and plug onto your wall outlet or an extension wire outlet.

Let’s take a look at the back of this recliner look at the thick wood frame support you can also facing and in this recliner you can also add more cushion see here there’s a zipper here which you can add more cushion.

If you desire to another thing of this recliner is it’s very easy to load in your car see this part here just take this lock out and screw it and this lights up same as the other side and screw and slide it up to take the back off and load it easily to your trunk or your back seat then flap.

Big and Tall Recliners 500 Lbs

This cover down after putting them back together now you have to start in the middle then side then the sides so it looks neat and clean and then just press it down onto the velcro.

If you like leather upholstery then this one is perfect for you same feature as the first one only it is leather see it’s beautiful leather and it also comes in power plug your gadgets and simply pushes buttons to recline the back has an extra cushion here you have for your lumbar and for your upper back beautiful.

Let’s take a look at the back or the bottom of this chair to see it is the same it has drop-in coil seven gauge steel and you can also take the back off of this chair and you can add more cushion in it.

If you want to wood frame steel frame see let’s try taking the back off just a flap so the same as the other one you just unscrew it and slide it up and take the back off then more cushion.

Another feature of these recliners is the arms are bolted to the mechanism and that is for stability and longevity.

Let’s put this flap back on to the velcro start on the middle and on the sides the seat cushion of this chair has a 2.5 density high resiliency foam cushion and that’s where ultimate comfort with no sagging and more loft beautiful stitches.

If you like non-power this one is perfect for you just pull the lever to recline and push the back very comfy you can sit back and relax comfortably.

These recliners are built in the USA it’s proudly made in America the king sided relaxation you deserve so rest relax and recharge see how it reclines then you can push the back this is available here a piece of timeless furniture located at 99 Matthew drive Uniontown.

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