Best La-Z boy Greyson Rocker Recliner Review 2022 - Recliner Select

Best La-Z boy Greyson Rocker Recliner Review 2022

Best La-Z boy Greyson Rocker Recliner Review 2022

Hey readers, the time has finally come to replace this la-z boy recliner.

This la-z boy rocker recliner is 30 years old it was a person who would qualify for a pension. If you guys have been reading this article, you know I’m kind of a cheapskate.

This was actually my grandma’s recliner it was a hand-me-down. So I got it for free and now I figured I’m approaching middle-age. It’s time to get a brand new la-z boy recliner. After 30 years this recliner has held up remarkably well there is some fading on the arms fading on the bottom where your feet go but overall it looks good.

Heavy Duty Recliners Lazy Boy

Mechanically it’s still very sound I’m gonna show you no weird noises comes right up like that still very very comfortable I’m gonna put it out in the street and hopefully, somebody will pick it up, and that 30-year lifespan will be increased and somebody else will get to enjoy it.

Here’s the new and improved version of the Grayson leather manual rocker recliner and I actually got it from wayfarer; because it’s a thousand $49.

This is leather the color is called shitake it looks like kind of a charcoal black color and the reason I got it from wayfarer is that it’s way cheaper than the la-z boys’ own website.

If you go to la-z boy’s own website they have two leather choices that are fourteen hundred dollars and then they have all these other choices for two-three other choices but they don’t give you a price.

Lane Stallion Comfort King – Heavy Duty Recliner

It’s custom and if you know me I’m a cheapskate custom pricing where the pricing is a secret and commission salespeople do not mix so I will not be going in that store.

That’s why I ended up ordering through wayfarer the movers should be here any minute.
So I’m gonna let you follow along and got the spot for the new la-z boy Grayson recliner all set up this is wayfarer white-glove service they’re gonna bring it in set it up take it out of the box take the old boxes away and hopefully in exchange for a tip they’ll break down this old recliner.

So I can put it right in the trash and there’s a truck outside guys t-minus two minutes I’ll be chilling in the new Grayson la-z boy recliner ah yeah and here it is guys all in one box the Grayson recliner and the first half in place second half going right in there easy as that guy all in one piece in a matter of a few minutes.

Testing out the bottom, oh yeah yeah that’s nice reminds me like the dentist too so here it is guys the new Grayson la-z boy recliner from wayfarer got to hand it to the wayfarer delivery guys a white-glove service they were in here real professional set it up and within five minutes took the o and out to the street, those guys are awesome.

So now for the best part gonna test it out la-z boy Grayson rocker ordered from wayfarer not from la-z boy order from wayfarer because it was cheaper so here we are guys one of the most popular recliners out there especially good.

If you’re tall like me this part of the seat is extra-long and plenty of room for your legs so oh man oh my god this is unbelievable guys this is the first class now oh let’s see you gotta get used to it.

Oh, wait put it up like that then put your feet up oh I feel like I could fall asleep in about two minutes.

This is really nice guys now what do you do if it takes some getting used to all these moving parts here oh this is really like the throne guys this thing is huge it’s so plush look at all these cushions oh man this is nice.

I like it a lot guys this is gonna work and this is the shiitake color shiitake and I would just call it black.

It’s kind of like an off black or a more flat black it’s not glossy but it’s gonna do the trick look at this really really cushy plenty of cushion and if you’re a bigger guy like me I’m about six-one about 200 pounds and it’s still roomy for me too.

So if you’re a bigger guy you’re gonna have plenty of room in this check it out the side I’m not like bulging up against the sides at all my feet it’s hitting kind of perfectly almost at the bottom of my feet.

Best Brand Rocker Recliner

I would give this a 5 out of 5 rating guys five stars that are for sure I’m gonna tell you guys what I paid for it I believe with the wayfarer white-glove service this is shipping all of that included.

It was twelve hundred and eighty dollars if you want to just get the shipping and assemble it yourself I think it’s only like $20 or maybe even freeway fair they have these three different layers of shipping but I got the most expensive one because I don’t have one tool in this whole house.

It’s better just to have them come in and do it within two minutes they did a great job they took the old one outside to the street.

So that’s the review of the wayfarer la-z boy grace and rocker one thing to keep in mind guys la-z boy is a really expensive place to buy their own products you may be able to find a la-z boy branded product cheaper somewhere else like I did at wayfarer.

Another thing I didn’t like about la-z boy their custom-made leather chairs. The pricing secret says go c store for details and as I said before going store for details to find out the price and commission salespeople they do not mix that’s not something I’m gonna mess with.

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