Some Lift Chairs Which are Best Recliners for seniors 2021

Today we’re going to talk about the Best Recliners For Seniors in the market we’re one of the largest mitch chair dealers in the southeast and we have a large selection of pride mobility gold technology lit cheers.

We’ve sold quite a few over the last few years and just want to go over what our consumers have bought to give you a top ten list coming from the consumers on what we’ve sold so that being sam.

Best Lift Recliners for Elderly

We’re going to start out with the pride mobility lc 105 it is a one motor rich air to button system that goes up and down reclines you can get this in vinyl or fabric it’s a baseline chair that starts out around $629 fit for somebody between that five to two probably about five-ten range has a 325-pound weight capacity.

It works really well if you’re looking for a good price chair this is where you want to start out at. If you’re looking for something else we’re going to go into the number nine chair that is the pr 401 by golden technologies.

What’s nice about it is it comes in two sizes a small/medium medium-large you’ve got multiple colors that you can get it in I call this a biscuit bat people really like the back on this chair that’s been the biggest feedback.

We’ve got is the back the arms are nice it’s a one motor chair this has a 375-pound weight capacity so it’s a really nice chair going into the next one.

We’d be at number eight would be the pr 501 by golden technologies this is one of the golden’s most popular chairs that being said they make this chair in a junior petite that fits some money.

Power Lift Recliners for Elderly

I believe it’s right at 411 all the way to they make it into eight also they go junior petite small medium large and then at all has a 375-pound weight capacity you can basically find you know any size you need for any type you know customer out there.

It has a nice lumbar feature right down here people like that lumbar pad this really comes in handy and people find that very comfortable you’ve got multiple colors that you can get it in that comes standard so it’s really nice there you got like a palomino.

You’ve got admiral which is a blue evergreen pearl and cabernet so lots of nice features color things like that it’s been a really good chair for us the number seven chair we’re going to go over here will be the this is a two-motor chair.

You’ll see the big flush back 375-pound weight capacity this is a two-motor chair meaning that the back has an independent motor you can go into infinite positioning with this.

You can lay pretty much flat with this chair the remote also has a USB place that you can plug your phone or tablet into kind of a little handy feature make this in multiple colors.

Best Power Recliner for Elderly Woman

You can get these upgraded fabrics some ultra leathers and some things like that. So it’s really a nice chair and we sell quite a few of them the next year that I have is the pr 505 we have three of them in stock right here.

This is basically the same chair as the pr 501 but it’s a two-motor chair so with this you get maxi comfort you can go into zero-gravity sleep tv mode with all these different features and benefits as far as seating goes.

You’ll see the remote you can go program these top these four buttons right here just by pushing this button you can set them to what you feel comfortable with and again you can get this chair and a junior petite all the way up to a tall gonna have a higher weight capacity in these chairs are 500 and a 700-pound chair.

So it’s one of golden’s most popular chairs and we sell quite a few of this 505 series that being said we can go into the number box here which is the pr 514 this is one of Goldmann technologies most recent chairs.

It is called the twilight you’ll see here this chair actually goes into a zero-gravity with tilt and I’m going to take the remote to give you an idea of how this works so you can functionally see this so instead of the chair just reclining back with the back of the legs.

You’ll see how the chair actually tilts that’s a feature that’s only made in this chair right here so you get a lot of you can go into zero-gravity you can do your tilt raise this up.

It’s something that nobody else in the industry has it’s really a nice feature been quite popular you can get this in the upgraded fact fabrics it has a nice biscuit back.

Electric Lift Chairs for the Elderly

It’s a great chair we’ve sold next year is the number four-chair it is the golden technology’s pr 756 they’ve been making this chair for a long time.

It’s one of the only waterfall back chairs that you’ll find in the industry what I like about it is you can actually unzip these and put the feeling that goes in here and kind of pull some move it around add some to it.

If you want to it’s a two-motor chair so you can do all of the zero-gravity Trendelenburg it’s a maxi comfort chair they make this in a medium and large has a 375-pound weight capacity that fits the large fits people that are around six foot or over pretty well.

It’s got a taller back on it so it’s really popular for that larger individual that wants that high back it’s coming really handy for that again you get this in multiple fabrics your briefs little leather some stuff like that they’re really it’s a really quality chair our number three chair.

We’re going to walk up here is the plr 990 estate pride has had this chair for a while but what they did is they introduced the beaver technology into by that I mean they have allowed a power headrest into this where you can adjust the powerhead.

So you have a power headrest power lumbar and then you have infinite positioning with this chair.

It has a really big feel on the pad up here this is like a duro soft material it’s probably want to softest materials you’ll find out there it’s really quality chair works out really well in the remote setup to where all of the motors have an individual button does not have memory but you can basically get in any kind of position that you want also has a USB port that’s a nice little option going into our number or to chair just right around the corner.

We’ve got two versions is the teal r-985 atlas this has been a big seller this is one of pride newest chairs you know some of the features.

It’s got your again your four motors with the powerhead power lumbar and then dual motor for the back and the legs you get a lot of benefits out of this chair as you’ll see powerhead moving up and down can’t really notice the lumbar but there’s a lumbar motor sitting right here what big sellers are that you can pop this out and you’ve got your dual cupholders.

Lazy Boy Lift Chairs With Heat and Massage

Here’s a version right here with different colors so it’s really nice the material soft when people sit in it. They really like the way it sits they love the cupholders it’s been our number two-chamber and it’s come up real fast because they’ve only been doing this for about a year.

So really nice college here our number one chair we’re going to get into how we’ll just go right around here and I’ll show you the versions that it is the pr 510 clout as you can see we stock a lot of them.

We sell a lot of the pr 510 cloud there are different fabric options different colors it is a going technology product it is a maxi comfort chair nickname for this chairs the cloud because it feels like you’re sitting on a cloud.

It’s got your programmable remote you can go into zero-gravity you can do just about anything with this this is their medium/large and then they have a small/medium version.

So the example I’m 5-8 I fit really well in the medium/large the small/medium is for somebody a little bit shorter than that so you’re probably in that five-six rangings down but again they’ve kind of got you taken care of with all the different features and benefits.

You can see how well you know these recline and do that something I haven’t mentioned I know we’re doing this video these chairs all lift every chair that I’m showing you do lift.

So don’t I know I haven’t shown it kind of soon if you’re looking at a lift chair you understand that but just so you know they do lift all right I even have some back here that have the Brisa technology.

I’m sorry Brisa fabric I should say not the technology you’ll see a couple of them back here you can really literally break your fingers across this and not have any issue lifetime warranty on abrasive fabric.

So we offer all of these and this cloud has been the number one seller for us so that is our top 10 lift chairs that we sell and we believe this is follows the market pretty well with what people sell across the nation.

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