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Best Home Theater Seating review 2022

Best Home Theater Seating review 2022

Hey what’s up youtube this is youth man in this article Best Home Theater Seating I’ll be doing a review of valencia’s oxford home theater seats as well as comparing it to their tuscany seats now before we jump into the video if you’re into home theater audio and video.

So that you’ll be notified when the next video drops alright guys I want to give a big thanks to valencia for sending me the oxford theatre seats to review for you guys as well as for sponsoring this video now about three months ago valencia sent me their tuscany theater seats and that’s what I’m sitting here in the front row.

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I absolutely love these theater seats they’re incredibly soft they’ve got some great features and are huge upgrade to my original theater seats if you haven’t checked out that video I’ll post a link to it right up here as well as in the description below be sure to go watch that video on the tuscany theater seats.

So in this video we’ll be doing it unboxing as well as showing you the highlights and the features so enough talking let’s get to unboxing the oxford’s come in three separate boxes two large boxes and a smaller box the first thing you’ll want to do is flip the box upside down.

Once you have it upside down go ahead and cut the box open fold the flaps out and flip the box back right-side up from there you’ll just lift the box straight up and toss it to the side assembly is incredibly easy each seat comes in two separate parts you have the base as one part and then the back has the other each one of those is wrapped in a white fabric to protect them during shipping.

The oxford theater seats are very easy to assemble only took me about 15 minutes the first step is to attach the back part of seat to the base simply align the two metal brackets and press down on the seat until you hear a click inside the armrest you’ll find the power supply take the power supply and connect it to the connector on the bottom of the back of the unit and then press the clip until you hear it click to secure it in place on the rear of the seat.

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You’ll need to connect the top part of the seat to the base and then press the clip until you hear it click to secure it in place once you have those connected take the back flap fold it under the bottom and it secures with velcro to secure the chairs to each other simply lift up on one side of the chair slide it over into the grooves and it will snap in place and here on the other side of the seat you can see the two metal posts that will align with the two metal brackets attached to the back of the seat you’ll find a small box open up the box and you’ll find a power supply that will be used to provide power to the two lights in the headrest simply attach the power supply to the cable on the back of the upper seat.

Plug that into the wall and there’s a second power cable that will provide power to the power strip that’s built into the seat as well as the usb ports attach the seat back to the bottom base just like you did before give it a firm push until you hear the clicks and assemble the third seat just like you did with the first two seats plug each chair into the wall and you’re ready to go on each of the outer seats.

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You’ll find a cup holder with some controls to turn on the theater seats press and hold the power button for just a few seconds until you see the cup holders illuminate to turn on and off the led inside the cup holder press the flight button there you can press it again to turn it back on the next set of buttons allows you to recline.

The seats to a reclining position now notice that the oxford’s recline a lot more than the tuscany do to go back to the upright position press and hold the next button on the other side you have buttons for the headrest to raise the headrest you hit the second button and hold it and to go back down.

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You hit the one to the left of it and over on the far right if you hit the r button it returns the chair to the upright position each one of the cupholders has a convenient usb port so that you can charge your phone now one thing that makes the oxford quite different than the valencia is this middle seat in the middle seat.

You can lift up this headrest and you’ll find two lights there’s a switch for each light and you can angle those lights towards your reading area so this is great if you’re snuggled up on the couch and you’re just reading a book and maybe you’re not watching tv then if you pull down on this seat back you’ll find a tray table two cupholders as well as a charging station with two power supplies as well as two usb ports.

The oxford can be configured in one of two ways you can order it as a row of two with the center console and your choice of either premium air leather for $14.99 or with higher quality top grain nappa 11-thousand leather for $24.99 if you need more seats you can get it as a row of three with a drop-down console with your choice of premium leather air for $19.99 or the higher quality top grain nappa 11-thousand leather that I have in this setup for $28.99.

Best Home Theater Seating 2021

The row of two measures 60 8.5 inches wide while the row of three measures 88 inches wide with both of them having a height of 40 5.5 inches and a depth of 32.5 when upright and 69 inches when reclined alright so now let’s go ahead and compare some of the features of the tuscany theater seats that are in the front row to the oxford theater seats in the back row the tuscany theater seats one of the things that you have the ability to do is add some features to each of the armrests.

So right here we’ve got a tray table you can use this to set a laptop on it maybe your dinner or even a drink I’d be careful to put a drink on here that’s really what the cup holders are for for those of you that drink wine there’s also a wine holder that you can purchase separately that swivels and so easily carries your glass there.

So that’s one of the features another feature that you get with the tuscany led lighting underneath now although this looks pretty cool one negative that I found of this is when I recline and the footrest are raised the led light since they’re facing upward actually shines on my hundred and fifty inch screen now having an led light shine on your screen or on your tv is definitely not a good thing but the easy solution of that is just turn off the foot led lights with a touch of a button and the other feature that the tuscany has that the oxford does not have is the lumbar support.

Best Home Theater Seating

So for those of you that need a lumbar support the tuscany does have that but the oxford does not now the features that the oxford has that the tuscany does not is that fold down center console now that’s pretty slick given the fact that you have extra plugins as well as usb ports and the reading light another benefit of the oxford is it is configured more like a couch than it is a dedicated theater seating and so it really looks great in a living room setup.

You can also use it to lay down where you really couldn’t do that with the tuscany so overall the tuscany and the oxford theater seats are super cool I love the feature set I love the comfort ability the nappa leather the 11-thousand nappa leather is super super soft I really really like that it’s got a pretty firm feel to it it’s not like you sit down and you sag in which is good because it does give you plenty of back support and seat support.

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It’s not so rigid that it’s uncomfortable it’s definitely a very comfortable feel but has a little bit of firmness to it now as with any product you’re gonna have some negatives now with the tuscany some of those negatives to me would be having that led light shine on my screen but again the easy solution there is just turn off the light in the cup holder now speaking of cup holders cup holders in seats are awesome having led lights in theater seats are really awesome.

What isn’t awesome is having cup holders that don’t fit a lot of my glasses because the led ring isn’t flush with the base of the cup holder it has a narrower diameter then the top part of the cupholder so sometimes when I play certain glasses in the cupholder.

It doesn’t stand up right I love to see valencia in the next rendition of their theater seats to be able to make that led ring flush with the bottom so that it doesn’t interfere with the cups now the motors in both of these units are really really quiet but one thing that isn’t as quiet is the leather when you recline whoo I feel better now no that wasn’t me that was the theater seats now one thing.

I haven’t tried yet is to get something like a leather softener or maybe some leather wipes to see if that will kind of smooth out the way that that leather touches now here it mostly on the tuscany but I don’t really hear it near as much on the oxford and maybe.

That’s just the way that it’s built maybe these are tighter fit than the oxford are so with the oxford theatre seats I found only three negative things number one is the same thing with the cup holder the led ring at the bottom of the cup holder prevents some glasses from sitting vertically now one thing I initially thought was a negative was the very first time I opened up the armrest they didn’t open up very far and so as you can see here there’s not a lot of space in between there because it doesn’t open all the way vertically.

All you have to do is just push it a little bit harder what you’re doing is compressing the leather that’s on the backside that’s what’s preventing it from lifting up all the way vertically but if you just give it a little firm push you’re not gonna break anything but just know that going into it it’s gonna seem like a negative when you first get them and the only other negative that I found with the oxford is I wish.

The seats actually kind of locked together a little bit tighter the way I found this out as after I had assembled the theater seats I sat down in this seat right here and for whatever reason I leaned to the right and when I did even though the theater seats are locked together it still wants to come up.

As you can see and so I wish it kind of had a better locking mechanism for both sides now the other side does pretty much the same thing it’s a little bit different locking mechanism but basically you have a slot and there’s a bolt that slides down in that slot.

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So there’s nothing above that bolt that keeps it locked into the slot and so same thing there if you were to lean to the outside that chair is going to move on you now the last thing that could be considered a negative when you go with the row of three you do not get the ability to recline this middle seat and so the middle seat person is sitting there like this while the other two are nice and comfy reclined.

So could be negative but the flip side of that is you do get the ability to lay down on this versus the tuscany you do not now I’ve had my theater room for about 12 years and from the beginning I’ve always had theater seats I had leather seats up front leather seats in the back they were from two different manufacturers but they were great I enjoyed them for the time that I had them but they were definitely getting older and they didn’t have the feature set that these do and so man I really really like what valencia has done to enhance that theater experience with the valencia theater seats.

Their tuscany as well as the oxford so if you’re interested in either one of these I’ll post links to it down in the description below so if you’re looking for theater seats for your home whether it’s a living room set up a bedroom set up a basement set up or maybe a dedicated home theater like this I definitely recommend checking out valencia take a look at their website.

They’ve got a ton of different options they’ve got different price points they’ve also got a bunch of different colors that you can use to kind of match your decor and your room and so definitely check them out I’ll leave a link to their website down in the description below now.

I’ve got some really exciting reviews coming up for you so make sure you’re subscribed to the channel because I produce weekly content on home theater audio and article.

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