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Best Big Men Heavy Duty Recliners Buyers Guide Review 2021

Best Big Men Heavy Duty Recliners Buyers Guide Review 2021

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the vertigo pl 6000. Which is the first gaming Heavy Duty Recliner that I’ve ever actually owned up until this point I’ve been using one of the Hercules chairs that I bought a while ago on amazon.

Because it had a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds and being that I am a big guy I know I’m breaking down some third walls here by letting you guys know this but I am a pretty big guy I weigh about 370 pounds.

Right now my biggest thought at one point I was actually 550 pounds but I’ve lost a lot of weight over the last year and a half but I’m still a really big guy and I certainly need some accommodations when it comes to the chair that I use the being that I use it all day for working as well as gaming in some of my downtime.

Heavy Duty Recliners 600 Lbs

So I’m regularly in my computer chair sometimes for eight to ten hours in a single day maybe even more if I’m working you know all day long editing videos and things like that and then sometimes even afterward I’m relaxing playing games on the pc.

So I may even continue to sit in my chair beyond my normal work hours so it’s important that I am comfortable for long periods of time and I had been kind of fearful about getting a gaming chair for a while.

I had tested out some of the DXRacer ones at pax and I was extremely uncomfortable and those just did not fit me the right way but when I reached out to vertigo and they offered to send me out there pl 6,000 chairs.

I figured I would go ahead and take a look at it it does have a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds or 220 kilograms so this should more than be able to support my weight and probably many of you other big guys out there.

This is definitely a fat man-friendly gaming chair without a doubt this had no issues with supporting my size as far as the weight capacity is concerned and the width with the arms on it.

Heavy-duty Sleeping Recliner

Because I wait for a long time I had to fear chairs that would have arms on them because you know being a really big guy sometimes they would start to hurt my sides but this chair had plenty of room for my big frame to be able to sit in and stay comfortable for long sessions.

I chose to get the black and carbon fiber model although they do have them available with different color accents you can get them with either red blue white or green accents or the black with carbon fiber accents like I am using here the accents are along.

The buttocks portion and as well as along the sides of the backrest and I love the way that the carbon fiber looks on this it really matches my setup you know I’ve got an all-black gaming pc.

So it definitely sorts of fits in with the theme of all of that putting it together also very simple I had heard some complaints from steve over at gamers nexus on one of the older models or one of the other models of the vertical your chairs but it looks like they have done some work there with the pl 6000 at least and kind of got that stuff ironed outputting it together was extremely simple took me about 15 20 minutes in total.

Lazy Boy Extra Wide Recliner

Everything lined up perfectly I believe there were only eight bolts in total that I had to go ahead and fastened for the bottom and then two for each side of the backrest and it all just snapped together with great.

Ease this chair does have a lot of ways that you can adjust it and get it to fit your body type you know whether you’re a tall guy short guy you can go ahead and make adjustments obviously to the height with the actual seat portion itself you can go from anywhere from sixty-five point eight centimeters at the lowest to seventy-six point two centimeters at the maximum.

I’ve heard reports of people over 6 feet tall being able to fit comfortably in this chair so I’m about 5 foot 11 so I’m I was very comfortable in a chair I keep it at its lowest setting I tend to sit kind of low in my chairs but you know it should give you a good range out there depending on your personal height and they also have a tension rod that.

You can go ahead and crank on here to change the throw tension of the actual height adjustment you can also make the chair go completely fully back flat which for me was a concern.

You know at the beginning because like I said yeah and you can probably see here I am a big guy so I was afraid if I went all the way back that I’d like flip over or snap the chair and a half but this it was absolutely not an issue whatsoever and during long you know periods of time sitting in this chair it was certainly a welcome feature.

Heavy Duty Recliners Lazy Boy

Because I would you know just kind of go back all the way and just lay there for a few minutes which would you know help you de-stress my lower back which tends to hurt sometimes you know especially.

If I’m you know working a lot but you know this having the lumbar support also as well you know help that but laying flat backward all the way just it feels it feels great and it’s really nice to have that I didn’t have any tilt functionality on my previous chair.

So having it on here is really nice I did mention that they do have our support you can go ahead and remove that if you want to I know in previous revisions they didn’t have any straps to actually attach it into place but they’ve updated that.

Here on this chair so any of the models you get now should come with straps so that you can go ahead and attach the lumbar pillow to the chair there’s also a headrest pillow which is again removable just like the lumbar support and that just go ahead and it just straps right into the place you just fit it over the top.

It stays right in there and that is filled with memory foam on the headrest so it is super comfy the rest of the chair just uses a dense foam along with the lumbar pillow and it was it is quite firm would say I’d say the chair is rather firm.

It’s got thick padding so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be able to you know to stand up to the test of my body weight over time and you know as I lose weight, even more, it should you know get even better over time the material on the chair is PVC leather.

Best Big and Tall Recliners 2021

So it is not real leather but being that it is PVC leather it doesn’t mean that it is going to be easier to clean it’s going to be less likely or even probably not even going to fade over time PVC leather is not breathable.

It does have a perforated design along the buttocks as well as the backrest to help you know get help some of the hot air escape out of it I didn’t find myself sweating excessively after sitting in this chair for long periods.

It is fairly cold right now so we’ll have to see what happens you know the next time summer rolls around and see how it all stands up but I’m pretty confident that it should be comfortable even in the hot summer months.

Because of the perforations that they’ve put into the PVC leather design now obviously just looking at you know having a gaming chair with the racing seat look is it’s kind of a gimmicky thing you know it’s something that I have that I’ve said in the past but one benefit that I actually did find in this chair for gamers.

Being that it is a gaming chair was the adjustable armrests not only can you adjust the height up and down you could also do the width in and out but you can also you also do have three points of adjustment when you could either have it going straight forward.

You can tilt the arms in or outward I found this to be very beneficial when I was playing games I could have my arms up right at the height of the desk with my mouse in keyboard and I could also tilt it out or inward based.

On the position that I wanted to be using when I was gaming this helped keep my arm lined up with my mouse and it it wasn’t a feature that I expected to take advantage of or really see a true benefit for gamers but is without a doubt providing me a benefit.

Lane Stallion Comfort King – Heavy Duty Recliner

When I’m playing first-person shooters like battlefield one I love having my arm right there and rather than just kind of hanging down at my side I’m sure it’s probably better you know for posture and maybe even carpal tunnel things like that which I know can happen to gamers.

I don’t really have any issues like that with my wrists but I can see how this would be beneficial to some of you out there that may be suffering from issues like that the base of the chair is made out of aluminum.

While the rest of the frame is entirely steel so it’s very very solid I had seen some reports over on amazon from a few months back where people had reported parts of the frame kind of giving way after a couple of months and breaking but it looks like they have made some updates to that and I’ve seen people on amazon going on there and you know roof updating their reviews and saying that they got replacement parts apparently averted.

Here’s customer service is quite good so they’ve been able to get replacement parts from this for this type of stuff like the frame and the wheels which may have been breaking a few months back but it looks like they’ve updated that stuff and have brought it along considerably d casters are made out of plastic or on the outside it kind of looks like a real racing wheel but they feel very solid to me.

I can’t really imagine these things breaking anytime soon but being that they are plastic you know over a long time. If you are a big guy you know I’ll have to see what happens with them but you know after using the chair now for about a week or so you know they haven’t given way yet the frame doesn’t feel like it’s bending or anything.
The chair is very solid and I wouldn’t have any issues recommending it to other big guys out there if you’re around you know 400 pounds or less range I mean it goes up to 440 pounds up to 440 pounds.

I guess you could say but like I said I’m about 370 pounds right now give or take and it has no issue support in my body or fitting my frame into the chair itself so I know how hard it could be for a big guy out there to find you know not only a comfortable chair but make a comfortable gaming chair.

Recliners for Heavy Weight

A lot of the other ones out there can be a little bit on the smaller side but this one is rather wide the total seat width is actually 53.3 millimeters or 21 inches.

That’s for the seat as well as the widest point of the backrest so like I said they’re very wide able to support my big ass so I would hope most other guys out there if you’re on the bigger side you should be comfortable in this chair as well whether it be in your weight or your height.

Because I like I said that I’ve seen other people talking about using this chair being over six feet tall and being comfortable with the height of this chair which can be a concern for some people out there not just your weight but also the height you know there are other big and tall chairs out there but they don’t really offer a lot of the same features as this having like the adjustable arms and things which I do find as an actual benefit to gamers.

Not just having you know like sort of a gimmicky racing seat look it actually it’s a benefit it is benefiting me when I play games no so that’s your real-world review there from a fellow fat man.

If you’re out there looking for a gaming chair I think the verdict ear pl 6000 is you know definitely the way to go.

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