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Best Catnapper Recliner Sofa Review 2021

Best Catnapper Recliner Sofa Review 2021

Hi, this is todd for Myers furniture an appliance a new castle and you know the last few times we’ve come to you we’ve talked to you about certain things like front-load washers and lazy boy recliner.

Today we’re going to talk about Catnapper Recliner Sofa and catnapper reclining motion furniture.

One of the reasons we want to do that this evening is because pretty soon those who live in our area will be receiving one of these in the mail and we are getting ready to start our summer sizzler sale and it’s all catnapper and jackson product.

Catnapper Recliner Sofa

What makes this really nice is that the sale prices are marked down anywhere from another ten to twenty-five percent on what you would normally see.

So it’s really hot deals but at the same time very very nice furniture and that’s what we’ll talk a little bit about tonight so the one thing that you like about catnapper is the affordability of the furniture and even when you go to something as nice as power recliner which is kind of a new thing.

In the industry power recliners are the wave of the future and I’ll show you why this is a laid-back recliner meaning that when I demonstrate.

Jackson Catnapper Recliner

I lay flat and my feet will be up at an angle which is good for your circulation but what’s really nice is if you can see behind me we are but a couple of inches from the wall in the window behind me.

As I recline the recliner you’ll see that the whole thing comes forward as it goes back until you’re laying in a flat position and you only need to be two or three inches from the wall to do that.

So this is what that position would look like and I might say it’s very comfortable so as you’re here and then you go here this is one of the advantages of power.

Catnapper Lay Flat Recliner

If you like to watch tv at this angle or you like to watch tv at this angle or this angle or you even like to have your knees bent a little bit it doesn’t matter where you decide you’re most comfortable.

The power recliner will allow you to stay in that position. So if you like your feet all the way up but your back not back at all you can do that doesn’t matter.

It stays put and that’s one advantage to power the other advantage to power is the fact that when you release your handle from a normal recliner you don’t hear all the clanking and all the hoopla that goes on underneath the chair.
So as I do this I don’t think you hear anything Jason and what ends up happening it’s a lot less invasive on your mechanism.

Problems With Catnapper Recliners

So a power recliner has intensity to actually last longer okay the third thing that we like about the catnapper sofas is the coil seating and as we move over here.

You’ll see this has a unique seating system in the industry all the all the companies that you look at will have a high resiliency foam or hr foam is what you sit on catnapper will not only take that hr foam right here.

Add a layer that cron for comfort but will also put in springs in the core of every seat cushion this is designed one for a more comfortable and supportive sit and two it’s designed to ward off that that look of use for a longer period of time.

So we have the lay back recliners we have the power that allows you to stop the machine anywhere you want it and we have the coil seating just three reasons why you should come down and see us during the summer sizzler sales at Meijer furniture appliance in Newcastle.

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