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Animal jam is developed by the gaming wizards WildWorks. It has a vast reach on free to play as well online gaming games. The game was recently announced to be the fastest developing gaming site in the United States and finds its place amongst the best 15 games to be played by a leading website.  A game primarily developed for children, finds its fan following amongst adult gamers also. It is one of the very rare forms of a game that caters to not only the entertainment side but also to the educational aspect of a game.

The game is educational and communicative by nature. The players as progress through the levels gets extra information regarding nature and the many aspects it has. This information can be stored for later purposes. These tidbits act as nuggets of wisdom for the users. I, for one, found the way information is passed to be very creative. It does not preach the facts but presents itself in a very breezy way to make the young players comfortable.  The game is loved by kids who love to be outdoors in proximity with nature and animals. This is why most of the kids also look for animal jam hack which can give them various codes in the game. The game has seen a massive growth and has a current user base of about fifty million players currently.

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This game is one of the games which reach is going far beyond its online reach. The game has arrived at the house shelves of the players in forms of accessories, clothing line and toys. The revenue that animal jam incurs is massive and is due to only increase with its newfound international licensing. The game is only expected to grow in popularity and dominance in the coming times as far as online gaming for kids is considered. The add-on of the game continues to be the appeal it has to the children as well as adult users.

In a time when safeguarding privacy is a must, animal jam does a perfect job of reassuring parents about the same. Though graphically strong, the game deters encouraging violence as well as abusive language. The messages have strong character and word filters that prevent the use of derogatory language while in the game. The game also has active abuse control. On complaining against any bully, there is an immediate action taken, and they are taken offline. I can vouch for this from my personal experience while dealing with an offensive player. Thus, the parents can be rests assured while letting their child indulge into the world of nature.

The developers WildWorks in addition to the video game version of the game launched the mobile version. The mobile version of the game is compatible with both iOS and Android platform mobile. The game is free to download from the respective app stores of different mobile platforms.  The application has had over one million downloads within the first few days of its launch in the mobile gaming arena. I can safely say that this game is to continue its streak of making knowledge fun and interactive through its virtual application. The game has turned out to be a huge competition for all its contemporaries.

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